GTL Europe Engineering

GTL Europe provides advisory and engineering services on installation technology, civil engineering, machine construction and automation for composting and mushroom cultivation. Together with you, our engineering team will find the best solution to suit your specific situation.

Engineer and consultant

At GTL Europe we don't just ask questions, we also give advice. This allows us to take all factors into account that are definitive for the new project during the engineering stage. For example:

  • Where will the project be realized? In which country? What about the wind and snow loads? And what about the soil conditions?
  • Which local laws and regulations must be met? Each country, province and local municipality has its own regulations that must be complied with.
  • Which state-of-the-art technology can be applied in the project? The technology is constantly changing, resulting in better and more efficient outcomes, while reducing costs.

Like to know more?

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