GTL Europe Controls

GTL Europe develops and installs control systems to create the perfect climate conditions in your growing farm or composting plant and for operating machinery. In order to produce the best quality compost and mushrooms, GTL Europe ensures that the hardware and software are perfectly coordinated to work with one another.

Aerated composting bunkers and tunnels

The better the climate in your bunkers and tunnels, the better the quality of your compost. Our Fancom control systems ensure ideal climate conditions in bunkers and tunnels: the perfect temperature, the right humidity and the right levels of nitrogen, oxygen and CO2. Our solutions allow you to easily monitor and adjust the conditions.

Mushroom growing rooms

Our Fancom control systems allow you to create the ideal climate conditions for all types of mushrooms: fresh air, recirculation air, cooling, heating and steam. The control settings are defined in 10 growth stages, enabling you to adjust the temperature, humidity levels, water levels and CO2-levels automatically in course with the cultivation process.

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