GTL Europe Constructions

GTL Europe designs, manufactures and installs various construction projects in aluminium and (stainless) steel for composting and mushroom growing facilities. For this purpose, GTL Europe has the latest CAD software and a modern production facility at it's disposal.

Carrying out construction or renovation projects usually involves far more than one might expect. For instance, the design and installation of climate control systems must comply with local regulations and directives, meet hygiene requirements and in addition be energy efficient.

Constructor and consultant

At GTL Europe we understand the full range of challenges our clients face. We don't just simply construct composting and mushroom growing facilities, we also provide comprehensive advice taking into account any requirements and future growth prospects of the company.

You can contact us with general or technical questions about small and large construction work. We are able to build a fully operational facility, but can also optimize or renovate an existing plant without interrupting production operations.

Like to know more?

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